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same as last

same as last en try, no bands double from last time

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shuffle quiz thing II

I'm bored

1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle/repeat/randomise.
4. Find photos of the first 20 artists/bands that come up (no repeats and no cheating).
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.
6. Paste this in your journal and do it too, so I can have fun guessing as well.

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I'm so proud of DIR EN GREY. Kaoru speaking so open....


...at work, one child peed at my colleague. On purpose. One would never believe it is the same child, that later was so cute and nice and contact-seeking.
My depression seems to be getting better, again. I noticed (please don't laugh) that for a while I only took half the medication I should have. No wonder I was feeling miserable.
But I called my doctor and I'm allowed to take a bit more, if I don't get really well.
And, for the random, I bought new shower gel that smells like lemon cake

first own flat

I finally got my internet connection.
So, I found work in a neighbour town of where I studied, but unfortunately it's at the other end, so it's a looooong way if I want to see my friends.
Good thing is, though, that I can go to work on foot in just 10 minutes.

I live in a small flat, one room and bathroom, in a very calm and friendly neighbourhood.

Work is tough but ok for now.

And if I learned one thing from moving, it is that I have to be more quick and eager to throw things that I don't need anymore away. I planned on blogging about throwing away one thing a day, but it might be too much of a bother to make a picture each time XD

Anyway, I'm back to the internet, yaie !!

just an idea

since the whole "Gackt-email-health-thing" [ --> community.livejournal.com/ohgacktyoudidnt/15321.html ] is cancelled, I thought it would be nice to just edit the name and email adress, and send the mails to Kisaki instead.

No, actually I'm just kidding. My humor is a bit weird those days. Anyway, I survived the YFC-show in Bochum, and it was not that violent and hot inside the mass of fans than I expected.
Hearing Gackt sing "Mind Forest" in english was probably one of the most beautiful moments ever.
But in general, his show is just wayyy too planned and organized. I more prefer concerts like MUCC, where wild idiots meet wild idiots and just dance and scream the soul out of them XD
Naturally, the best moments weren't the concert itself, but the last minutes Gackt was on stage, smiling, just being there, with no concept or scedule to follow anymore.
And yeah, I missed Gackt walking around in my town all by himself. FUCK.

My university time is almost over. I got the grade for my final papers. 1,0, which is the best grade one can get. yaie!


Daisuke II

There is a translation of the holidayblog-article here
and an explaination for the reliability here

I fell between emptiness, nightmare and shock.

I never loved a band as much as the studs. I never related to lyrics as much as to Daisuke's.
I just want him to come back. To be with us for longer.

stupid meme is stupid

I should be working or sleeping, but instead I found this last.fm-meme and made it

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Ich wurde gezwungen

Da Tobi mich getaggt hat, muss ich das nun auch machen...
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